EFT Switching (ASTRA)

EFT Switching

ASTRATM is the high-end EFT Switching product offered by MAXIMUS that is built on scalable technology architecture to support ATM, POS and eCom channels. This PA-DSS certified application is scalable at the hardware level to support a large number of channel devices. MAXIMUS offers EFT Switching as a Managed Services offering from its state-of-the-art, PCI-DSS certified, Tier IV Data Centres at Mumbai and Bengaluru having full BCP capabilities.

ASTRATM acts as a terminal controller cum communication gateway to connect customers to the bank’s host. The MAXIMUS EFT Switch analyses the request received from the customer, processes and converts it into the format understood by the bank’s host and based on the host’s response, ASTRATM sends the required command to the concerned ATM terminal or other hosts to complete the transaction. Application-level interfaces conforming to ISO 8583 message formats have been established with more than 45 CBS applications.

ASTRATM enables a bank to connect with another bank’s network directly or a card payment network through the central switch/NFS. On-us, Issuer and Off-us transactions are identified by the MAXIMUS EFT Switch and routed to the appropriate destination system.

The MAXIMUS EFT Switch lets the bank configure its ATM and other terminals remotely by uploading details of various state and screen flows. It further allows the bank to remotely make the terminals online or offline, upload currency cassette configuration and other critical parameters.

ASTRATM comes with a rich suite of real-time alerts and MIS reports for facilitating both reactive and proactive support. Informative dashboards provide insights to top management on transactions taking place across the different channels. The MAXIMUS EFT Switch can be layered with real-time Fraud & Risk Management System, MAXIMUS SURAKSHATM, to offer preventive and investigative support for all transactions, including those that appear suspect or fraudulent. Monitoring of ATM terminals is also possible with the ATHMATM add-on.

Transaction Types
Balance Enquiry
Cash Withdrawal
Mini Statement
Cash Deposit
PIN Change
Card to Card Fund Transfer
Cheque Book Request
Statement of Account Request
Aadhaar Number Seeding
Mobile Banking Registration
Card less withdrawal

Application Features
HSM-based PIN Management
3DES Key Maintenance & PIN Management
TCP/IP Socket Communication
ISO 8583 Support
OEM Agnostic (Support for NCR, Diebold Wincor, Nautilus Hyosung, Perto, Vortex or any other compatible ATMs)
ATM Configuration
Screen Configuration
Transaction Logs
User Management
Multiple Cash Dispense Logic
Reversal Mechanism
Multilingual Screens
Online Transaction Monitoring Tools
Daily / Periodic Transaction Reports
MIS Reports & Dashboards
SMS & Email Alerts

Modular design ensures full investment protection as requirements of the bank grow
Object-oriented design provides flexibility for making changes and introducing enhancements
Scalable architecture supports growth in the installed base of terminals through mere hardware enhancements
Vendor-agnostic framework provides complete freedom for acquiring best-in-breed terminals, back-end software and other interfacing components
Remote configuration and monitoring of ATM states bring down support costs
Open architecture affords easy integration with other networks, broadening service to customers