EJ Pulling & Screen Distribution (InfoXchange)

EJ Pulling & Screen Distribution

Customer disputes, discrepancies and operational problems are part and parcel of the operations of any ATM network. When they occur, the customer expects the service provider to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, retrieving, storing and searching through paper-based transaction journals is cumbersome and error-prone. The introduction of Electronic Journals (EJs) is a step forward, but even this has its drawbacks considering the distributed location of EJs. Further, present day ATMs support capture and storage of customer images at the time of transaction but these images are available on individual ATMs. There would obviously be great advantages with automated upload of such EJ data and images onto a centralized server.

Similarly, content management (like changing bitmaps, audio / video files, etc.) on the ATM is a cumbersome task for the concerned bank or service provider. Manual deployment of content is a costly and erroneous process and requires down time on the ATM.

The ideal solution to take care of the above problems should encompass: (i) EJ pulling from different ATMs onto a central database and (ii) facility to download content for the ATMs from a central site.

MAXIMUS INFOXCHANGE is a centralized system for retrieval and management of EJ files, images and other file-based content residing on ATMs and remote deployment of ATM screens and software patches.

Its easy-to-use interface enables customers or service providers to retrieve EJ files or carry out content deployment by group, geography or even individual ATMs automatically, at scheduled times or on demand whenever required. Once securely retrieved, these EJ files are stored in a central repository for quick and easy review. Files can be deployed onto the ATMs at the specified path as configured.


Automated retrieval and central storage of EJ data
Quick resolution of issues for specific ATM transaction inquiries
Customer image captured during transaction can be streamed and stored when required
Easy content management & deployment
Storage or replacement of the content is possible at the specified location on the ATM
Scalable solution capable of serving any size of ATM network
Reduction in ATM network management costs