Micro ATM

Banks, financial entities and insurance companies are progressively moving towards taking services closer to their customers. Customer registration right from the field, doorstep banking and biometric-based authentication systems are examples of outreach initiatives that these financial institutions have begun to employ to expand services to the doorstep of the customer and improve the level of customer convenience and service.

Increasingly, customers are expecting, nay demanding, that their transactions get fulfilled at their locations and not at distant places. Financial institutions are also becoming aware of the immense opportunities that such customer-convenient transaction fulfilment processes open up for them. Obviously, engagement with a remote customer is carried out by a field agent/business correspondent carrying a handheld terminal.

eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) is an important and integral part of the financial inclusion program. Financial institutions are interested in on-boarding new customers by capturing their key attributes and essential documents through field-level systems having intuitive interfaces. Once a customer is on-boarded into the financial system through the eKYC setup, the next stage is transaction fulfilment.

AADHAAR Enabled Payment System (AEPS) is a bank-led model catering to financial inclusion transactions through business correspondents carrying Micro-ATMs of the concerned bank. AEPS leverages online Aadhaar authentication and allows Aadhaar-enabled bank accounts to operate in anytime-anywhere banking mode through Micro-ATMs.

MAXIMUS AASAAN is a flexible and secure solution catering to financial institutions that are aiming to usher doorstep banking and/or penetrate the rural markets in line with the national policy on financial inclusion. AASAAN conforms to AEPS standards and is compliant with RBI, NPCI and UIDAI requirements. It meets PCI-DSS requirements and adopts 3DES encryption.

The MAXIMUS Micro-ATM solution enables a financial institution to on-board a customer into the CBS by capturing KYC details right at the doorstep of the customer using a portable, field device. The solution includes the functionality of uploading customer data from the field through a variety of hand-held/portable devices. Once the customer data is uploaded to the financial institution’s backend system (CBS), the solution takes care of biometric (fingerprint) authentication of the customer for transaction purposes. The entire communication flow between the field systems and CBS is highly secure and takes place through a middleware that is part of AASAAN.

The MAXIMUS middleware is installed at the data centre of the financial institution or service provider and is connected to the CBS system through a host interface. The field device is connected to the MAXIMUS middleware through GPRS connectivity. Hence, GSM SIM card is required inside the device. Device security is ensured by having a security key for each HHT. This way, only the authorized agent of the financial institution is allowed to carry out field transactions.

AASAAN supports cash withdrawal, cash deposit, fund transfer, balance enquiry and mini statement. Loan collection can be handled under the cash deposit function.

Application Features

Highly configurable management panel with role-based access and well-defined agent management process to set transaction limits, agent commission and daily limits.
User-friendly and rich graphical interface for agents.
Middleware provides flexible, reliable and convenient mechanism for connecting handheld terminals to CBS.
Middleware is designed to minimize the overall data transfer sizes leading to reduction in network load.
Two factor authentication process involving PIN, Biometric or Password & Photo verification.
Built around industry-standard ISO 8583 message protocol.
Real time process ensuring instant customer notification.
Ability to interact with different external systems over intranet and internet.
Can be enhanced to support bill payment and eGovernment payments.


Ease of carrying out transactions right at the doorstep of the customer with great reduction in paperwork.
Improves customer service significantly; no queuing at the branch and elimination of middlemen.
KYC data of customers captured from the field in real-time leading to speedier opening of accounts in CBS.
Basic customer data downloaded from AADHAAR database during on-boarding (in case of AEPS).
Secure biometric (fingerprint) authentication with AADHAAR system for customer transactions.
Supports all customer transactions (cash withdrawal, cash deposit, loan collection, balance enquiry, mini statement, etc.).
Cash deposits done by customers in the field get reflected in the CBS instantaneously.