Biometric Enabled Electronic Payment System (BEEPS)

Biometric Enabled Electronic Payment System

BEEPS is a complete Biometric Enabled Electronic Payment System, supporting biometric as well as Card + PIN authentication modes. This solution is compliant with Unique Identification Authority of India’s aadhaar requirements, including Registered Device (RD) services.

OnUs, Acquirer and Remote OnUs (Issuer) transactions are supported, the transaction sets catered to include cash withdrawal, cash deposit, fund transfer, balance enquiry and mini statement. For account opening or any change in demographics, customer KYC is mandatory. The Maximus BEEPS processes the KYC request through micro-ATMs and routes it to the Core Banking Solution (CBS) for authorization.

Banks can view the dashboard, for analytics and other key numbers. There are extensive reports for all transactions via Card + PIN / Aadhaar number & finger print data, business & technical decline percentage, summary of daily transactions, viewing of past transactions and suspect / fraud related transaction reports etc. The audit trail is maintained throughout the product for each action taken by the individual users.

The switch is PA-DSS certified and operates out of PCI-DSS certified data center. The PIN or the bio-metric data is not stored anywhere nor in any other form. The card holder data is encrypted in the database and the card number is masked in the logs and the reports.