Case Studies

Customer: Citizen Credit Cooperative Bank, Maharashtra

Immediate Payment Service

Citizen Credit Cooperative Bank (CCCB), a Scheduled Multi-State Bank, has been a customer of MAXIMUS for EFT Switching, Card Management, NPCI RuPay services, EJ Pulling and Transaction Reconciliation for some time. They were looking at expanding their service offering to customers, one such area being Immediate Payment Services (IMPS). CCCB wished to offer IMPS to its customers on ATM and online channels and for this, they had chosen MAXIMUS as its technology service provider.

The MAXIMUS IMPS solution, ABHI, functions in conformity with NPCI requirements and can be used over ATM, online and mobile channels. Fund transfer and bill payments are possible in ABHI. Besides these, ABHI supports balance enquiry, mini statement, fund transfer, MPIN change (for mobile), bank requests and feedback input.

ABHI requires registration of the customer with the bank before he/she can carry out an IMPS transaction using a mobile phone. Such registration is not required for IMPS transactions effected through other channels. A customer can link more than one account to a single mobile number, though there would be different Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) for each account.

A transaction request received from mobile phone, SMS or internet banking is first routed by ABHI to a portal provided by MAXIMUS, where the customer is authenticated and his OTP is generated. Thereafter, the customer request is forwarded to the bank’s Switch. In case of On-us transactions, the Switch sends this request to the Core Banking System (CBS), whereas if it is an Acquirer transaction, then the same is dispatched to NPCI for further action. In the case of an Issuer transaction, the transaction request received from Issuer through NPCI is processed by ABHI and forwarded to the CBS after successful authentication. In case the request is received from an ATM or kiosk, the same is routed to the Switch directly.

A fund transfer request gets debited to the remitter’s account immediately and the credit effect is handled through NPCI in the case of an Acquirer transaction. Upon completion of credit in the beneficiary’s CBS account, the remitter receives a confirmation. In the case of an On-us transaction, there would be no involvement of NPCI.

The bank is in the process of obtaining licence from RBI for introducing mobile banking.

Benefits to CCCB

Processing of payment transactions done in self-service mode, irrespective of value
Secure payment mode
Banking transaction possible round-the- clock through ATM, kiosk or online
TInstantaneous transfer of funds to the registered beneficiary

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