Core Banking (mCORE)

Core Banking

MAXIMUS mCORE is the cutting-edge browser-based core banking application allows a bank for real-time processing of key financial transactions. It enables Bank Customers to operate their accounts & avail banking services from any branch of the Bank on CBS network, regardless of where he maintains his account.


Consumer Banking & Corporate Banking
Real time online processing and reporting
Exhaustive Customer Details
Finger print authentication
Help Desk Module for customer support
Multi-Platform Support (Linux/ Windows)
Regional language Support
Supports Captive and Cloud Data Center
Graphical & Online Reports
Supports Ownership & ASP Model
Tele Banking (IVRS with Outbound Dialing)
Cheque Truncation
Token Management
Treasury Management
Multiple & Customizable Schemes & Products
Missed call alert
Business correspondent
E-mail alert

Additional Features

1.Account Searching

The main attractive feature included in the software is the Account Searching option from transaction screen itself. No need to leave the current screen to search account number, if customer forgot their account number. Various searching criteria like Name, Mobile Number, Address, Amount, Old Account Number where included in searching screen and it will work without effecting network traffic and band width.

2.Photo & Sign

CBS provides provision to upload photo and sign by using Web camera or Directory Browsing from customer screen itself.

3.NPA Alert

During loan transaction, the system will show the current NPA position of concerned account. Hence the bank can pass message to customer about their dues and the amount which need to avoid from NPA.

4.Account Access

Besides normal menu access method a special single screen is provided to navigate all account of a customer by card swiping or using Customer Number. The facility and features in the screen will be same as which we got from direct menu access.

5.Multiple Tab

Software can be opened in Multiple Tabs in single session for a user. Normally the data feeding for loan process may take time. During this process, user can open a new tab for any transaction which will be very help full in peak hours.


HRMS and payroll software package, which comes with CBS is completely browser based. It is integrated with CBS software. The transaction which done in payroll will directly reflect in CBS software.

7.Banking Alerts

All transaction screen of deposit and loan module contains provision to send SMS and email of statement of account, Balance, Number of Last Transaction etc. It also carries text message sending option.

8.Special Alert

Alerts will be automatically pop up in the current active screen of logged user without any user interaction. Through this alert system message and instruction can be share among staff. Passing instruction can be send to authorizing officers from counter in the case of high value customer.

9.Cash Balance Alerts

This alert provides current cash position of bank at specified interval to the authorized person in the form of SMS and Email. This helps the in-charge person to know the current cash position of bank even his absence at bank.

10.Ledger Report

All transaction screen has provision to view and take print out of ledger report. Ledger report will contain all information regarding the specified account. Same way work sheet is also provided which will be very useful for doubt clarification regarding the generated interest amount.


All report carries the exporting option to PDF, Doc and Excel file. This will be very help full at the time of report preparation which may ask from department, government or auditor.

12.Quick Menu Access

By entering predefined three-digit word a user can easily load the required screen. This will be very helpful in counter during peak hours.


All type of bond, vouchers and Notice can be printed in network mode. On a single click, the print will be generated at specified printer without any manual interaction.

14.De duplication

It is an inbuilt tool in CBS to track the duplicate customer, place, post etc. The tool contains various searching criteria and will replace duplicate entries.

15.Fingerprint Recognition

Software include fingerprint recognition option in gold module. It is very useful during gold ornament release in which any dispute is generated related to authenticity of customer.

16.Bar code

The barcode which is printed during gold payment will stick on both ornament packet and customer token. The account details can be fetched by scanning the bar code in transaction screen.


Integration of Delivery Channels (Branch / ATM / Net Banking / Mobile Banking).
24 Hours a day availability
Provide better service not only to attain new Customers but also to retain existing Customers.
No Branch reconciliation required.
Increase efficiency & Reduced operational costs.
Easy rollover of new schemes & products.