Identity Management (PEHCHAAN)

Identity Management

In today’s business world, information security is implemented to streamline the technology processes which includes authentication, business processing & management of information technology. The need to safeguard sensitive data must be balanced with providing necessary access to information across.

MAXIMUS PEHCHAAN is a secure authentication system to validate the person’s identity through Aadhaar or Voter ID card or Driving License. Aadhaar Authentication is referred to a process that involves verification of Aadhar details. The Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) is responsible for validation of Aadhar details based on the submitted demographic and biometric information. It provides a digital identity platform so that the identity of Aadhaar holders can be validated instantly anytime, anywhere.

Another important document that can be procured by the individual is a Voter ID which acts as a proof of address and identity. Businesses today need to validate the proof of identity of all service seekers for validation & access management. On successful authentication, individual details such as Name, Father’s Name, Age, Date of Birth, Gender, Address etc. are retrieved from the system & used for electronic KYC of an individual.

Driving License is another major identity proof for individual authentication. Driving license verification requires the parameters such as Name and License Number. API to National Transport System with required parameters verifies whether an individual's driving license is authentic, valid or expired.


Process of eKYC is non – repudiable as it involves the use of authentication (Aadhaar Number + Biometric Details / Voter ID details/ Driving License details)
Instant 365 x 24 x 7 online verification
Eco friendly online system for verification instead of conventional paper-based document system
Reduces costs associated with normal identification process
Ensures security of personal data as the entire process is secure & online
Effective information can be shared in an efficient and timely manner to the concerned authorities as and when required