Case Studies

Customer: Jammu & Kashmir Bank, Jammu & Kashmir

EJ File And Screen Distribution Automation

The bank commissioned MAXIMUS in October 2009 to implement a customized Electronic Journal (EJ) pulling and screen deployment solution to help manage its burgeoning ATM volumes. The ATM transactions grew from tens of thousands to several hundred thousand and daily reconciliation was becoming a nightmare. Added to this was the risk of financial loss to the bank due to delayed reconciliation. As completion of reconciliation depends on the availability of EJ files, the bank was in need of an EJ automation tool.

MAXIMUS INFOXCHANGE, the EJ Pulling and Screen Deployment solution, was selected by the bank as an answer to its problems. Since the commissioning of this system at the bank by MAXIMUS, the bank is able to extract critical EJ logs created in each of the ATMs, pull EJs at a specified time on a daily basis and send them to the bank’s server on T+1 for reconciliation purposes. EJs are spooled separately for individual ATMs on the centralized server, where they are stored for a minimum period of 6 months. After this period, the EJ files are archived.

The MAXIMUS solution also helps the bank to push screens to the ATMs. Flexibility exists in the tool to classify ATMs according to region, activity and make, so that deployment of screens can be tailored according to the specific needs of the location.

MAXIMUS INFOXCHANGE has worked flawlessly since inception when the bank had a little over 400 ATMs to the present when it has nearly 1,000 ATMs. Automation has helped the bank bring down its manual effort and reduce operational costs. The highly efficient system-driven process has greatly helped the bank in dispute management and reduced financial losses.


Feature Highlights

Filer A tool that sorts records on the basis of terminals or date in a short span of time
Scheduler A timer that is set to pull EJ records during the lean hours of the night
Zone-wise deployment Remote deployment of promotional screens in the appropriate local language. For e.g. ATMs in Karnataka will have screens in Kannada as well as in English
Manager Terminal configuration utility that assists EJ pulling, EJ moving, content deployment and EJ deletion
Reports Wide variety of reports and dashboards to indicate EJ files pulled successfully from the different ATMs as well as the unsuccessful cases with reasons made available to the management

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