Case Studies

Customer: Kalupur Commercial Cooperative Bank, Gujarat

EFT Switching, Card Management And ATM Services Support

The Kalupur Commercial Cooperative Bank Ltd. (KCCB), headquartered in Ahmedabad, is one of the largest multi-state scheduled banks in the country, having a large number of branches spread across many states. They have a track record of adopting advanced technology in various areas of their operations and are in fact the early adopters of any innovative solution.

KCCB has been a MAXIMUS customer since 2009. After implementing their internally-developed Core Banking System (CBS) in 2008, they were interested in expanding their banking services by deploying ATMs. MAXIMUS was chosen to provide an ATM Switch and Card Management software for supporting On-us transactions. These applications were continuously modified by MAXIMUS to meet the growing requirements of the bank, thus enabling the bank to expand their ATM network seamlessly.

In 2011, KCCB decided to join the National Financial Switch (NFS) operated by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and for this requirement, they again chose technology from MAXIMUS. Through its innovative product that provides connectivity with NPCI (called Inter Bank Transaction Gateway), the bank was able to move its customers without any difficulty from a pure local ATM network to the national grid. Further, KCCB was one of the first cooperative banks in India to add POS and eCommerce transaction support for its customers. As a result, RuPay debit cards issued by the bank could be used by its customers across any ATM or POS device in India or for carrying out online commerce, thanks to MAXIMUS.

The KCCB implementation represented a fine example of what a partnership model could achieve. The bank was able to deliver increasingly sophisticated levels of banking services to its customers through constant technology upgrades, which despite being carried out in a live, high volume environment, did not cause any disruption in service. The partnership involved deployment of the MAXIMUS PA-DSS certified EFT Switching and Card Management solutions at KCCB data centres, which were connected to NPCI and interfaced to the bank’s CBS through ISO8583 messaging. PIN mailers could also be generated through Hardware Security Module (HSM) as prescribed under PCI-DSS norms.

In true spirit of its innovative character, KCCB also added EJ Pulling & Screen Distribution, ATM Health Monitoring and Reconciliation solutions from MAXIMUS to its service portfolio, as well as implemented Kiosk and Bulk Note Acceptor (BNA) solutions from MAXIMUS.

KCCB and MAXIMUS are looking at various technology-enabled strategies that can be implemented to further consolidate the strong edge that the bank has over others. MAXIMUS is happy to traverse this exciting path in its endeavour to offer unmatched digital banking experience to this customer.

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