Managed Services

MAXIMUS offers managed services out of its data center in Mumbai & Bangalore. The managed services include EFT switching, NPCI & other NFS onboarding, ATM monitoring, transaction reconciliation, Identity management services, merchant POS services, instant money transfer and ATM site monitoring & eSurveillance. We understand the need for security and the value of data, therefore it is of utmost importance that the customer data is safely stored. We have our data center and the data recovery center, both PCI-DSS certified. MAXIMUS is certified for ISO/IEC 27001:13000 certified, the EFT switch, card management and reconciliation solutions are all PA-DSS certified. For all the different services offered there are auto alerts & notifications enabled for different functions sent to internal teams & customers like unavailability of CBS services, suspect or fraudulent transactions, critical services, all or majority ATMs down, unavailability of GL data etc.

EFT Switching

MAXIMUS offers managed services on a 24/7 basis for EFT switching and card management services for banks, white labeled operators and other managed service providers. The managed services for EFT switching includes, delivery, installation and configuration of ATM, BNAs & recyclers, monitoring of transactions for all active channels, PIN mailer management and other card operations like hot marking, renewing and reissuing of cards.

Onboarding on NPCI & Other National Financial Switches

MAXIMUS manages all the activities required for onboarding member and sub-member banks onto the NPCI network. Some of the activities include recommending a sponsor bank, to managing the documentation and submitting it to NPCI and getting the required approvals, testing with CBS vendors, establishing connectivity with the CBS, facilitating NPCI’s RGCS & DMS links to the banks, and managing the GO LIVE activity. We also advise and recommend banks on the best practices for data security and network for better manageability and security. We offer on-boarding services for different channels like RuPay ATM & POS, eCom, IMPS and ICD and other value-added services. The EFT switch services team ensures that the services are running continuously, and connectivity is established with NPCI and CBS. We also on board and connect banks to their respective National Financial Switch in other countries. MAXIMUS ASTRA, the EFT switch is designed to support any National Financial Switch with only configurational changes.

ATM Monitoring Services

The ATM monitoring services include the monitoring of all terminals, troubleshooting if terminals are down / disconnected, coordinating with respective teams / vendors to ensure that the terminals start running and ensure maximum uptime, maintaining SLAs, arranging FLM / SLM activities. MAXIMUS’s ATM monitoring team also ensures that the EJ files are auto pulled on daily at a scheduled time and are auto uploaded to the respective bank’s designated location. Apart from ensuring that business runs as usual, the other important activities are observation of any unusual activity with respect to the terminals, making a record of that incident, reporting it to the concerned manager and taking immediate action on that incident.
MAXIMUS ATM monitoring team are responsible for the daily EJ pulling activity, they ensure that all the EJ files are pulled and auto uploaded onto the banks’ SFTP sites. Other activities include image pulling, uploads advertisement screens, pushing of anti-virus patches, restarting and shutting down of ATMs.

Transaction Reconciliation Services

MAXIMUS offers ATM & transaction reconciliation services for all digital channels such as IMPS, UPI, POS and ICD. The services include coordination with banks and other vendors for transaction data files like GL logs, informing banks about the potential chargebacks and disputes, shortages or excess cash in the ATMs. Reports on suspect, unmatched / hanging transactions channel and terminal wise are sent to customers automatically through emails. We also notify customers of incase the system identifies of any fraudulent transactions or unusual transaction trend based on card numbers or terminals.

Identity Management Services

MAXIMUS offers identity management services for verifying the credentials of customers based on aadhaar number and the fingerprint data or PAN card, driving license, passport etc. This authentication services can be applicable for banks for account opening, availing new services, customer on-boarding for telecom and insurance companies etc. We provide STQC & UIDAI approved finger print capturing devices with all the required certifications in place.

Merchant POS Services

As part of a global strategy, everyone is moving towards digital payments. MAXIMUS offers a complete merchant payment solution, which caters end to end services, right from merchant onboarding, transaction routing, monitoring to alerting and notifying merchants for different functions. We offer STQC, PCI-PTS certified and UIDAI approved devices, through which transactions can be carried out either using card + PIN or through aadhaar number and finger print data or by scanning the merchant QR code.

Instant Money Transfer Services

MAXIMUS manages instant money transfer services through an agent-distributor model, in which the distributors are onboarded, and certain limits are assigned to the distributors, who keep the limits for each agent as a security. Distributors pre-fund their account with MAXIMUS and then agents approach customers for instant money transfer and receive cash with a commission. This works well with customers who do not have bank accounts but wish to transfer money to their relatives. MAXIMUS’s operations team monitors the transactions, the distributor deposits and there are auto alerts sent to them for refilling the account. Agents are provided with a micro-ATM device for carrying out their transactions on behalf of the distributors. MAXIMUS manages end to end services, right from onboarding, distributing the devices, monitoring, maintaining the wallet account and complete end to end coordination with the distributors.

ATM Site Monitoring & eSurveillance

MAXIMUS manages end to end services for ATM site monitoring and eSurveillance. Installation of the circuit box in the ATM back room, monitoring other devices like UPS, camera, door etc. and raising ticket and recording all incidents related to the site. Coordinating with other vendors for resolving issues at the site, auto alerting banks / MSPs about the incidents. This ensures that the risk at the ATM site is mitigated and maintain other devices with better service.