Merchant Payment (MEGHAPAY)

Merchant Payment

MAXIMUS Merchant Management System creates digital links between Merchants, Financial Institutions & Consumers. It builds an ecosystem that facilitates easy, fast & secure transactions. MAXIMUS Merchant Management Solution comprises of merchant portal for onboarding & settlement. It allows merchants to accept cashless payment from customer using different channels such as POS, Micro ATM, mPOS, Mobile and QR-Code. It accepts debit and credit cards from major card networks like VISA, MASTER, UnionPay and RuPay.

Smart micro-ATM / financial POS terminal
Attractive appearance with large full touch screen
Based on Android 5.1 operating system
PCI-PTS & EMV Level 1 & Level 2 Certified
Adopts Qualcomm MSM8916 quad-core processor
Integrated payment, printing and mobile functions all in one
Combines the functions of traditional POS and smart commercial PDA
Double Battery Design, Main Battery: 2000 mAh, Back-up Battery: 150 mAh

Smart micro-ATM / financial POS terminal with biometric capture facility
STQC & UIDAI 2.0 certified
Based on Android 5.1 operating system
Adopts Qualcomm MSM8916 quad-core processor
Integrated payment, printing and mobile functions all in one
Supports 5.5 inches magnetic IPS display, strip card & matched IC card
Meets all requirement of remote transaction fulfilment

Comprehensive Mobile Payment Solution
Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices
Accept credit card payments anytime, anywhere with a smartphone & internet connection in real-time
Easy installation which takes couple of minutes to configure the device
Safe, secure & reliable payments
Card data is encrypted by mPOS reader before transmitting to the mobile app

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) Pay is a system that enables the customer payment from multiple bank accounts through a single mobile application (of any participating bank
Enables seamless merchant transactions
365 x 24 x 7, instant & secure payment
No need to carry any debit/ credit card & remembering PIN
Avoids risk of fraudulent transaction happening due to card skimming or unauthorized access to card & PIN details

Allows merchants to receive payment from customers using his/her Aadhaar Number and Biometric details
Aadhaar seeded account of the customer gets debited and merchant account gets credited
Facilitates cashless purchases in cost effective and secure way
Supports the government’s initiative of boosting cashless transactions
Eliminates cash & card handling cost and risk
Aadhaar Pay App user who has declared himself/herself as Merchant and is receiving payments are eligible for an Incentive of 0.5% of the transaction value with minimum incentive as Rs.2 and upper cap of Rs.50 per Transaction. Maximum transaction limit is Rs. 10,000

QR code consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device such as a camera
Customers can access their money by scanning merchant QR code using customer’s smartphone
QR code can contain either of the below merchant details for accepting cashless payment from customer:
  Account Number + IFSC
  UPI Payment Address
  Aadhaar Number
Money transferred through QR is received directly in the merchant's bank account.
Merchant & customers receive immediate acknowledgment upon payment