Kiosk Management (KSHAN)

Kiosk Management

Banks and financial institutions have started deploying passbook/statement printing kiosks and multi-function kiosks as part of their eLobby and customer self-service strategy. The objectives of this strategy are to enhance customer convenience, extend transaction hours and improve operational efficiency. Banks and financial institutions are increasingly using such kiosks to offer their customers facilities such as cash/cheque deposit, passbook printing, balance enquiry, statement printing and request options.

MAXIMUS has a tested and proven solution in the form of KSHANTM. Built on a solid switching framework, the kiosk management solution is a self-service utility for driving transactions and information displays on kiosks. KSHANTM can be easily interfaced with any CBS of the bank.

The MAXIMUS Kiosk Management Solution has three components: the central server application, the kiosk agent application and the remote monitoring tool. The central server application is powerful and supports connectivity of a large number of kiosks. Sophisticated programming techniques have been used to regulate transaction queues and monitor the health status of the terminals.

Messaging between the central server application, which essentially acts as a middleware, and the back-end CBS/line-of-business application conforms to ISO 8583 convention. KSHANTM is designed keeping in mind the need for minimizing network traffic and maintaining session connectivity.

Identification of the customer at the kiosk can be through a variety of options, such as customer ID & password, barcode on the passbook, ATM card & PIN or Account Number.

Cheque Deposit/Truncation
Funds Transfer
Bill Payments
Passbook Update
Stop Cheque Request
Cheque Book Request
Balance Enquiry
Account Statement
Mini Statement
Cheque Status
Internet Banking
Information Display
Customer Feedback

Higher operational efficiency for banks and financial institutions
24×7 self-service facility to customers
Expansion of customer touchpoints
Channel for disseminating advertorial and promotional information
Facility for generating business leads and product demand
Wide range of financial and non-financial transactions supported
Reduces dependence on brick and mortar establishments and human interface