The retail industry continues to play an integral and robust role in the global economy. In 2018, the industry is changing faster than ever before with the digitization & technology. The industry players have concluded that their survival exclusively depends on their ability to provide innovative offerings to customers and distinguish themselves from the other sharks in the sea.

Point Of Sale (POS)
While it's important to drive new customers to purchase products (and keep existing customers loyal and coming back again and again), retailers can't neglect the systems and processes that physically allow for sales to happen. This is where the right retail POS, or point of sale systems, comes into play. The best POS systems allow you to not only actually conduct sales transactions, but also handle several other activities around that sale from inventory management to returns and exchanges to tracking customer behavior. Maximus's POS solution is the solutions tailor made for retailers which could improve their retail strategy and customer loyalty etc. It can simplify operations and financing, may improve the cash flows, transaction safety and would increase customer satisfaction as most of the customers prefer card payments than take the risk of carrying cash and this would eliminate the cash holding cost & risk.

Identity Management
Solution for online authentication of customers by routing the request to Unique Identification Authority of the respective country. This technology gives paperless & instant verification by avoiding manual record management system.

Cash Inventory Management
Large retail stores have a headache of managing the cash inventory, manually recoding the lending & received cash transactions done by employees. Maximus's solution resolves this headache by deploying cash recycler machines in the store with suitable security mechanism through which only authentic and authorized employees can withdraw and deposit cash under various categories, select denominations for cash dispensing, select category for cash deposits. The cash inventory solution has a back-end portal, in which the employee user management along with the rules & restrictions, the reconciliation at the end of the day are managed. The store administrator can check the dashboards, reports, know the cash positions in each of the recycler and total cash at the store real time. This solution not only does the cash inventory management, but also has a module inbuilt to monitor the recycler machines, it ensures that the uptime is almost 100%.

Prepaid & Loyalty Cards
For retail chains and shops, there are challenges to retain the customers. Maximus offers such a solution where the retail chain can provide prepaid & loyalty cards to their customers. The prepaid cards are linked to the loyalty program, where the retailers can change the incentives from time to time as per demands and scenarios. The card solution can be customized as per the requirement, like only providing prepaid card and linking it to any third-party loyalty program or providing it as a combined solution.

Multi Function Kiosks
MFKs can be used for facilitating information about their products and offers and special discounts, details and location & timings about other store branches and for large multi-storey retail chains, it could point out the different sections available on each floor. Customers could use it for refilling of retail card or the accumulated points and opt to redeem it during their shopping transactions, view transaction history, take printouts of the same. The solution has a provision for customers to provide their feedback about the store, the overall service, the preferences or even updating customer details like mobile number, email id, anniversaries etc.

Merchant Device Management
The merchant management solution allows merchants to accept cashless payment from customer using Debit/Credit Card or National Identity Number (Aadhaar in India) or QR Code. It facilitates secure payments though devices such as POS/ mPOS/ Micro ATM Platform with no storage of sensitive information of customer. All merchant devices are PCI-PTS & EMV Level 1 & Level 2 certified.

Transaction Reconciliation
Maximus offers transaction reconciliation services for retail merchants where transactions can be reconciled daily, considering cash deposits and withdrawals through recyclers, in-store purchases or through online shopping. The merchants can view dashboards for transactional statistics, daily sales through different channels and reports. The solution could also be integrated to any inventory management application.

Surveillance is becoming an important aspect for retail merchants for monitoring the stores and different devices inside the store for offering a better service to customers and to prevent theft or any suspicious activity. Maximus has a ready solution, through which the store can be monitored for UPS, air conditioning, cold storages and specifically program it to run on specific temperature. The solution can be used to monitor the in-out traffic of customers, attempts at vandalism or theft and overall monitor any unusual cases. The system can raise alerts for such incidents and trigger an alert through SMS / email.