Site Monitoring (OVERSITE)

Site Monitoring

It is estimated that at any given point of time, 12% to 18% of ATMs are down because of failure of energy infrastructure and poor service levels from energy equipment service providers. Lack of visibility and unavailability of centralized data capture and analytics on the operation and usage of UPS, batteries, signages and air-conditioners make it difficult to track and manage SLAs. This, in most cases, leads to challenges in governing vendors, suppliers and partners.

Another factor that has become increasingly important in recent times is stealing of cash from the ATMs and in some cases, even physical theft of the ATMs themselves. Hence, close monitoring of the thefts and theft attempts become a priority for the ATM services provider.

The MAXIMUS OVERSITE solution monitors input utility power, UPS, batteries, ATM room temperature and physical vibration level of the ATM or its key components on a 24×7 basis without human intervention. It generates alerts whenever threshold or preset levels are exceeded, initiates planned or forced shutdown of the ATM and minimizes overall energy consumption in the ATM room.

OVERSITE involves installation of a specialized monitoring and control device (MCD) at each ATM location, integration of this device with the different site units/elements being monitored and controlled, connectivity of the MCD to the central server through GPRS, building the required business rules for generation and forwarding of alerts and messages and initiating appropriate response/action on the basis of various site conditions.

MAXIMUS OVERSITE is vendor-independent in terms of the ATMs, UPS units and air-conditioning devices. It can monitor and function independent of the existing ATM network and will operate even when the ATM network is completely down, which will be the case when the UPS fails.

In short, MAXIMUS OVERSITE helps improve uptime, increase revenues and prevent pilferage/theft of cash from ATMs, leading to significantly improved economic returns from ATM operations.

Application Features

Monitors UPS, batteries, power, AC and temperature on 24×7 basis
Tracks mechanical vibration level at ATM hotspots
Brings transparency into performance levels of energy equipment at ATM sites
Identifies problems before they become load loss events to save money
Captures camera images
Collects performance data and sends notification over SMS on critical events automatically
Generates monthly e-mail reports enabling informed management decisions
Measures and monitors the SLA of energy equipment suppliers/service providers
Increases power reliability and reduce down time of your critical systems
Controlling usage of digital signage
Tracking the functioning of panic switch