Transit & Smart Cities

Fast-growing Information Technology is enabling and encouraging the citizen for accessing information & services anytime, anywhere. Smart City projects are addressing issues related to urbanisation and associated social, environmental and economic issues in a holistic manner. They are transforming cites by ensuring the Government services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by making the city digitally empowered in the field of technology.
MAXIMUS’s futuristic product portfolio caters to different solutions for smart cities.

Identity Management
Electronic KYC & biometric based authentication system provides paperless national ID based authentication that enables citizens to provide their identity and for the service providers to supply services and give access to the benefits. Identity management solutions can streamline citizens’ access to services and reduce costs for deploying & managing traditional paper-based authentication services.

Omni Channel Switch
MAXIMUS Switching solution processes transactions initiated through different channels such as Kiosk, Mobile, E-commerce etc. ASTRA Switch is integrated with kiosk solution with different services such as:
Maps and Navigation Services for displaying routes across city
Transport Services which display of train, bus & metro routes across city
E-governance system for information about city
Tourism Portal for searching places of attraction in the city
'Places Near Me' services which include hotels, government offices, shops, tourist attraction, etc.
Emergency Services such as hospitals, police, fire, etc.
Utility bill payment & mobile recharge

Multi Function Kiosks
Multi Function Kiosks (MFKs) become an important part of the smart city framework. It can facilitate different services for the citizens to use like bill payments, lodging of complaints or general grievances, to access information about the city in general and important institutions. MFKs can act as a travel guide. MFKs can provide information about restaurants, retail stores, and events in the immediate area. It also provides mapping for visitors and can sync with a mobile phone to give additional data as needed. All government web portals could be accessed from the MFKs, which could be located in malls and hospitals etc. Maximus brings the most robust and advanced MFK solution for smart cities and can be customized and configured to meet the requirements and demands of a smart city.

Mobile Wallet
MAXIMUS offers solution which aims to create digital links between bank account, citizens, government, telecom service providers & billers. It is a cloud-based product consisting of technology platform plus an aggregation of various value-added services such as bill payment, mobile recharge etc.

Transaction Reconciliation
It is the unified solution that helps to automate and centralize the transaction reconciliation across multiple channels. The solution has the capability to reconcile transactions initiated from single card used for different purpose such as bill payment, ticket booking etc. System generates automated alerts that can be triggered by various events, such as confirming import of a file, or based on certain transaction properties, such as emailing a list of unmatched transactions.

Demand Forecasting & Analytics
The solution for forecasting cash, which needs to be replenished on the CDMs from time to time depending on the pattern of customers’ cash withdrawals and other parameters. It is an intelligent system, which does data mining from historical data of customer cash withdrawals and forms patterns and then determines the time and the amount of cash to be replenished for denominations configured in each of the cassettes in the CDMs. Auto indents are emailed to the concerned cash feeder branches & CIT agents at a certain time interval, which can be configured by banks as per their requirements.