Telcos & Utilities

Revenue growth for carriers is of critical importance in 2018. Revenue yield on data services (revenue per bit consumed) continues to decline as consumers use more and more data, with static or declining monthly bills. Hence, it is critical to identify rapid investment opportunities across the telecom portfolio—including 5G, IoT, and cross-industry partnerships (such as mHealth and mPayments), as well as a host of other growth opportunities. Telecom companies when they onboard new customer and issue the SIM, it is mandatory to validate the identity of the customers.

Identity Management
The “MAXIMUS KYC & Identity management” is the solution to satisfy this requirement. This would ensure that the customer credentials are verified and then the SIM is issued, or any other service is offered. The solution can capture scan images of the person, mandatory documents apart from other customer information, it can also capture the customer info and get it validated through a central system containing the country’s citizen data.

Mobile Wallet
Telecom service providers can offer mobile wallets functionality, which can be part of their product or service portfolio. There are several benefits to the customers for using the mobile wallet. Maximus has a comprehensive mobile wallet solution, which meets all the demands of a wallet. The solution is scalable enough to incorporate any future requirements and can also be integrated with third-party applications. It can reduce frauds; mobile wallets are harder to steal or duplicate than cards or cash. Decreased payment time, customers can pay their bills or recharge by using the mobile wallet. Telecom companies can expect better customer loyalty, built through sales and incentives sent directly to smartphones. Massive rewards in the form of discounts and cash back. Mobile wallets encourage the convergence of mobile network service providers and financial institutions. Loyalty feature integration allows the consumer to check their progress toward customer rewards and to claim those rewards wirelessly. Customers can check their wallet balance any time, view the bill payments/recharge transactions at any time and check the rewards/offers associated with the mobile wallet

Multi Function Kiosks
Maximus has a robust MFK solution for telecom companies, they can put up kiosk which can display important information about various data plans, accept cash and cheque deposits, for mobile recharge, SIM dispensing, statement printing etc. The kiosk interface consists of a complaint's module, through which customers can lodge complaints related to bill payments or data plans etc. The MFK solution consists of the kiosk interface and a middleware for transaction processing. This middleware contains a web UI, consisting of dashboards and reports, which could be downloaded in any standard file format. The kiosk middleware can also monitor kiosks all the devices associated with it, this information can be viewed from the dashboard.

Transaction Reconciliation
Transaction Reconciliation solution tailored for telecom companies (telcos). Telecom companies (Telcos) pay large sums of money to tower companies for infrastructure and energy consumption monthly. Rental fees are computed and paid based on the master service agreements (MSAs) signed between Telcoms and tower companies. Most of the time, MSAs are complex to understand, contains multiple clauses with addendums which adds to the complexity. Telcos have limited resources and mechanisms to reconcile and validate the bills and most of the time these activities are highly person dependent and prone to human errors which lead to monthly losses. Data Reconciliation processes are required at different stages (Asset Management, Operator Billing, Vendor Billing, Diesel Allocation) of Telecom Tower Industry. Each business function (O&M, Finance, Opex Controller) performs several steps of reconciliation to reach the desired outcome. Solution reconciles the multiple billing data files and identify discrepancies along with a reason to generate accurate billing and prevent revenue leakages. It identifies the required parameters amongst 200+ asset parameters and reconciles them and further generate successful and unsuccessful reconciliations report thereby creating a 100% reconciled data repository and resolve customer disputes easily. Forecasting & Analytics is a module in the solution, through its advanced data mining techniques, based on which the telcos can do customer profiling, accurate product targeting & services, the recommendation of right product and determine optimal prices. 

Tower Room Monitoring
MAXIMUS offer the solution which continuously monitors the equipment of the respective site detecting operation failures or under-performance. It also provides real-time secure collection and recording of statistical data as well as raising tickets with respective vendors and emailing or sending SMS to all the stakeholders in any event. The main features of are that it has the capability of monitoring of AC and DC electrical distribution boards, remote management of power generators and monitoring of battery banks and rectifiers. For reliable and total remote site automation, control systems need to be able to execute a wide range of operations across the site's support systems to maintain ideal operating conditions. It has the capability to regulate access to remote sites. PIR Sensor detects unauthorized movement in the site and raises an alert, vibration detectors sense and raise an alarm in the event of tampering of high value assets, smoke sensors and temperature sensors detect the breakout of a fire and trigger instant local actions such as raising instant alerts, sounding a hooter at the site, triggering messages to fire department or turning on the water sprinkler system.